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  • Standard Vinyl Ester Resins

    Standard bisphenol A vinyl ester resins, such as SWANCOR 901, SWANCOR CHEMPULSE 901, etc., are the widely used resins. They have good corrosion resistance to common acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents. This kind of resin can also be prepared into pre promoted type, such as: SWANCOR 901-P, anti sag flow type, such as SWANCOR 901-T, pre-promoted anti sag flow type, such as SWANCOR 901-TP, to meet different process requirements.There also has a resin type designed for pool and hot tub manufacturing, SWANCOR 9012-TP.

  • High Temperature Resistant Phenolic Vinyl Ester Resins

    Phenolic vinyl ester resins such as SWANCOR CHEMPULSE 907, SWANCOR 907-S, SWANCOR 900, SWANCOR 977-S, a phenolic epoxy modified vinyl ester resin, has a high crosslinking density after curing, which makes it have a good resistance to oxidizing acids and strong corrosive organic solvents. At the same time, it is endowed with extremely high HDT, which can be used in some high temperature occasions, such as the preparation of high temperature flue and smoke pipe.

  • Flame Retardant Vinyl Ester Resins

    Brominated reactive flame retardant vinyl ester resins, such as SWANCOR 905-2, SWANCOR 905-2HOI, SWANCOR 905-N, SWANCOR 915, SWANCOR CHEMPULSE 915-HOI, etc., have good corrosion resistance. At the same time, due to the introduction of halogen into the resin system, it has excellent flame retardant properties, and is mainly used in corrosion-resistant equipment with flame retardant requirements.

    Among them, SWANCOR 905 series is mainly used in the preparation of FRP chimney in large coal-fired power plant because of its excellent comprehensive performance in corrosion resistance, fire resistance, good mechanical performance, stable performance and good operability. SWANCOR 915 series is widely used in the preparation of anode tube and shell in wet dust collector because of its excellent corrosion resistance, flame resistance and self-extinguishing property.

  • Vinyl Ester Resin Flake Compounds

    Vinyl ester resin flake compounds, such as SWANCOR 901-FLTP-6X / 7X, SWANCOR 907-FLTP-6X / 7X and SWANCOR 900-FLTP-6X / 7X, are mainly composed of corresponding vinyl ester resin and C-type glass flakes. The anti-corrosion lining prepared by them has excellent chemical resistance, wear resistance and extremely low permeability, which is especially suitable for anti-corrosion of desulfurization engineering equipment.

    Different brands of flake cement can be selected according to different working conditions. For example, when the flue gas temperature in desulfurization project is ≤ 100 ℃, SWANCOR 901-FLTP-6X/7X can be used; when the flue gas temperature is ≤ 150 ℃, SWANCOR 907-FLTP-6X/7X can be used; when the flue gas temperature is ≤ 180 ℃, SWANCOR 900-FLTP-6X/7X can be used.

  • Vinyl Ester Resin Primer

    Vinyl ester resin primer has different primer types according to substrate type and service temperature, such as SWANCOR 984-M for iron substrate, SWANCOR CP95 for concrete substrate and SWANCOR 917 for high temperature primer, when making anticorrosive lining, the matching primer between the base material and the inner lining layer can provide a firm and strong bonding force, and the primer has the toughness of elastomer, which can effectively cushion the internal stress caused by the uneven thermal expansion of the inner liner and the substrate, and avoid delamination.

  • Vinyl Ester Resin Topcoat

    Vinyl ester resin topcoat is a kind of anti-corrosion surface coating prepared with vinyl ester resin as matrix and additives such as color paste, air drying agent and dispersant. The application of the topcoat on the surface of the anticorrosive lining can effectively inhibit the residual adhesion or incomplete hardening of the resin surface contacting with the air surface.

  • Unsaturated Polyester Resins

    Unsaturated polyester resin series, such as SWANCOR 961, SWANCOR 963 and SWANCOR 9601, are all p-benzene type unsaturated polyester resins. These resins have excellent mechanical properties, water resistance and chemical resistance. Their toughness is better than m-phenylene resin. They are widely used in various molding processes, such as hand paste, winding, casting, etc., and are mostly used in some non-extreme corrosive environments. This kind of products can also be prepared into pre promoted type such as SWANCOR 961-P and pre promoted anti sag flow type such as SWANCOR 961-TP to meet different process requirements.

    Among them, SWANCOR 961 and SWANCOR 963 are commonly used for structural layer, water pipeline and wastewater storage tank; SWANCOR 9601 is a UP resin certified for double wall fuel tank, which is more suitable for preparing underground fuel tank and double wall fuel tank.

  • Marine Resins

    According to the requirements of yacht manufacturing process for resin type, resin mechanical properties and resin operability, SWANCOR has formed series of FRP marine products, mainly including the following:
    Bisphenol-A vinyl ester resin, SWANCOR 901-TP, SWANCOR 901-VP;
    O-benzene unsaturated polyester resin, SWANCOR 9231;
    Marine epoxy resin, SWANCOR 2711-A / 4BS, SWANCOR 2713-A / 4BS.

    SWANCOR marine vinyl ester resin (VE) and unsaturated polyester resin (UP) are widely used in famous yacht manufacturers for their excellent water resistance, impact strength and fatigue resistance. The marine vacuum pouring epoxy resin SWANCOR 2711-A/4BS and the marine hand paste epoxy resin SWANCOR 2713-A/4BS can be well used in the manufacture of the ship swimming boat because of their own special characteristics for different construction processes and the excellent impact resistance, fatigue resistance, water resistance and other characteristics of the epoxy resin itself.



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