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2019-06-17   Formosa 2 Connects with Local and Global Supply Chains, Prospers with Local Communities, and Trains Offshore Wind Power
Witnessed by Tseng, Wen-Sheng (曾文生), Deputy Minister of MOEA, Hsu, Yao-Chang (徐耀昌), Miaoli County Magistrate today receives stamp duty for Formosa 2 program. Formosa 2, a collaboration between Macquarie Capital and Swancor, both of them global renewable energy leaders and offshore wind power pioneers in Taiwan, will submit NT$119 million of stamp duty in total to Miaoli County. This demonstrates that Formosa 2 is committed to prospering together with local communities, completing deliverables on time, and bringing best practices and case studies to Taiwan.

Formosa 2, along with local and international partners including Fortune Electric, Siemens Gamesa, Jan De Nul Group, and Taiwan International Ports Corporation, have signed agreements respectively on onshore power system, wind turbines, underwater infrastructure, submarine cables, and assembly pier rental. Formosa 2, with a total capacity of 376MW, will generate enough power for 380,000 households per year. Upon the completion of commercial operation, it will provide clean energy to Taiwan and assist in energy transition.

To ensure localization, during developing and designing stages, Formosa 2 has worked closely with local consultancies including Global Aqua, CECI, Sinotech, and Unitech, to integrate local and global development experiences. In the following construction stage, it will continue to work with Fortune Electric and other partners on onshore power system. Formosa 2 has signed over 60 contracts with local supply chains by now.

To localize offshore wind power professionals, Formosa 2 collaborates with National United University in Miaoli on special programs, including offshore wind power professionals program, research funding, scholarships, internships, and conferences. It also involves other universities in Taiwan, including National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan Ocean University, National Taiwan University, in wind farm research and analysis.
“Offshore areas at Zhunan and Houlong are gifted with ideal wind conditions,” says Hsu, Yao-Chang, Miaoli County Magistrate. “Our natural resources are suitable to develop offshore wind power. Miaoli County is actively developing local green energy ecosystems. We continue to promote the offshore wind power industry with Macquarie Capital and Swancor. The offshore wind power educational program, a collaboration of Formosa 2 and National United University, began in 2018. Stamp duty submitted by Formosa 2 will benefit local infrastructures and communities substantially. We are committed to become a renewable energy role model in Taiwan.”

        “As well as signing contracts with major suppliers Formosa 2 has signed over 60 contracts with local partners by now, including environmental monitoring, onshore power systems, warehousing  and transportation,” says chairman of Formosa 2 and Swancor Robert Tsai. The Formosa 2 development team will continue to facilitate industrial localization and deliver work on time.”

   “Investing in offshore wind power since 2012, Swancor not only collaborates with local industry chains, but also works with local fisherman associations. Fishermen participate in wind farm patrols and cetacean observations, and learn about cage aquaculture in Japan. Mutual prosperity with local communities is always our priority.”

  “As a leading developer in Taiwan and a leading renewable energy investor globally, Macquarie continues to support the development of renewable energy in Taiwan through its commitment to Formosa 1, Formosa 2 and Formosa 3 – together these projects could deliver up to 2.5GW of offshore wind energy to Taiwan. Today we are delighted to announce that we have signed our Formosa 2 construction contracts with experienced delivery partners, integrating best practices worldwide with local experiences,” says Kimberly Cram, the Project Director of Formosa 2 at Macquarie Capital. “Formosa 2 has entered into over 60 contracts with local companies and its collaborations with local educational institutions will help to develop next-generation wind power professionals and expand local employment. Meanwhile, our top technology and financial teams in Taiwan will continue to supply technical and business knowledge to local partners, and assist energy transition in Taiwan with concrete works.”