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Technology and Services
The core concept of the company is Innovation, as for R&D members. With its strong team of chemists and technicians, Swancor has researched and developed many high-performance products used in the composite industry including a broad range of applications such as anti-corrosion, construction, marines etc. Our team is well qualified and works with its many distributors and customers worldwide to obtain feedback and tackle any problems.
Swancor's core technologies include:
Composite Know-how   Epoxy Compounding Formulation   Free Redical Polymerization   High Performance LED Packing
Since we have total control of the unique technology we have established, Swancor can develop tailor-made product for specific customer's application on an exclusive basis. Good examples of successful projects has been running for years in some well-known international companies.
Products and Application
Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin & UPR SMC/BMC Materials
  Epoxy Adhesive
  Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins
  Unsaturated Polyester Resins
  Epoxy Formulation
  Epoxy Carbon Fiber Prepreg
  Low Profile / Shrinkage Additives
  SMC/BMC Resin
Wind Turbine Materials LED Encapsulation Materials
  Epoxy Formulation
  Epoxy Adhesive
  Epoxy Formulation For Power Transformer& Insulator
  High Performance LED Packing Resins
  LED Packing Additive and Colorants